Sinuhé Padilla-Isunza was born in Mexico City in May 1978. He grew up in an environment of constant artistic activity, and in 1986 began his first studies in corporal expression, music and dance, disciplines he has continued practicing and studying in various forms to this day.

In 1992, he began studying Nahuatl cosmogony, learning sacred Aztec music and dance. In 1995, he began to merge these disciplines with other influences such as jazz, Afro-Latin music, Mexican Folk and trova. Interested in investigating Arab and Andalusian roots of Latin American music, Sinuhé went to Spain in 2000 to study Flamenco history, music and dance.

Four years later, he traveled to South America for four more years, this time investigating the various manifestations of Afro-Amerindian music in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Bolivia, where he created and collaborated in various projects in music, dance and performance.

He currently lives in New York, where founded his own recording label, Jarana Records, producing a number of different artists. He is also musical director of projects such as Jarana Beat, Calpulli Mexican Dance Company, Bilingual Birdies and SonJarocho.MX, among others.

Working as a composer, guitarist, percussionist and singer, he has been the founder and director of: Jarana Beat (Buenos Aires/NYC, 2007-current), Unión Latina (Belo Horizonte, 2005-2007), NosOtros (Salvador de Bahia, 2004-2005), Vizinhança Latina (Salvador de Bahia, 2004-05), El Club Huitlacoche (Madrid, 2004), Pelambre (Toluca/Madrid, 2000-02) and Reptil Ensamble Fusión (Toluca, 1996-99).

In addition, he has been a member of groups such as Pieles Mixtas (Toluca, 1995), Aracelli Mitteenn (Madrid, 2001-2007), Zum-Zuêh (Madrid, 2002-04), and Anitchié (Salvador de Bahia, 2004-05).